HEXA is an all-terrain hexapod robot developed by Vincross. Unlike all those wheeled robots in the current market, HEXA can dexterously walk, climb, and travel across rough terrain. Its head can rotate endlessly, which significantly improves its movement efficiency. No matter which side it faces, that is forward for HEXA.

HEXA is equipped with an infrared transmitter, which enables it to control all infrared home appliances. The built-in distance measuring sensor provides HEXA with the ability to measure between 10 to 150 centimeters, so it will not bump into obstacles. Besides, the robot can be charged wirelessly.

In addition to the official smartphone app that can remotely control HEXA, Vincross has also created an open development platform. Everyone can develop skills for HEXA using the SDK, and share or sell them in the Skill Store. Vincross sees HEXA as a living being and a primary stage of an artificial life.