Air Glass


Air Glass with binocular displays brings us an entirely new visual experience and a man-machine interactive way. Holographic display allows users to see really actual images in any position. Augmented reality function allows Air Glass to tell you more information about the world you see. When you are looking outside the window, it’ll tell you today’s weather. When you go out, it’ll remind you whether to carry an umbrella or not. Do you want to watch 3D movies lying on a chair or playing Warcraft around a dining table? With Air Glass, the normal equipment also can become more intelligent. Its operating system is called Air OS based on Android customization. In the case of not keeping out line of sight, it can overlay holographic images on real world.

1.FOV: 34°
2.Resolution: 1024×768 pixels(each screen)
3.ROM: 16GB/32GB
4.CPU: mt6735/mt6795
5.RAM: 1G/2G
6.Battery capacity: 3750mAh(external)