GTX One is a collection of hardware, software and user interface for the integration of non-invasive prenatal (NIPT) sequencing data analysis miniaturized processing system, which uses highly optimized algorithms, the perfect combination of FPGA hardware accelerator card, can be completed within a NIPT 5s Sample data than the human genome, can be completed in 1 hour 100 samples NIPT whole process analysis, computational performance, user-friendly alternative to traditional energy-intensive large servers. With the gradual decrease sequencing and sequencing of growing prices, GTX One will be accompanied by NIPT represented popularity DNA genetic testing opened to genetic information based on precise individualized treatment era.


GTX One是一款集合硬件,软件和用户界面为一体的无创产前(NIPT)测序数据分析小型化处理系统,其采用高度优化的算法,完美结合FPGA硬件加速卡, 可在5s内完成一个NIPT样本数据比对人类基因组, 可在1小时内完成100样本NIPT全流程分析,计算性能卓越, 用户界面友好,可替代传统的高耗能大型服务器。随着测序技术的日益发展和测序价格的逐步降低,GTX One将伴随以NIPT为代表的DNA基因检测的普及开启以基因信息为基础的个体化精准诊疗时代。