Qrios HUD design philosophy is to use the HUD to achieve Cars augmented reality display to provide users with both mobile and safe driving car enjoyment of life solutions. Qrios HUD can be installed in the car dashboard square, running self-developed optical crystal CAT OS operating system, Bluetooth button, voice assistant, mobile APP to form a reliable and convenient human-computer interaction, can answer the phone, text messaging View Online navigation and Internet radio and other functions.

Qrios HUD的设计理念是利用平视显示器实现汽车现实增强显示,为用户提供兼具安全驾驶和移动车生活享受的解决方案。Qrios HUD可以安装在汽车仪表台上方,运行水晶光电自主开发的CAT OS操作系统,通过蓝牙按键、语音助手、手机APP形成了可靠而又便捷的人机交互,可以实现电话接听、短信查看、在线导航及互联网电台等功能。