EcoLife – Healthy Breathing


Indoor IoT device to measure -SMOG pollution – continuously monitors the quality of the air in the room in which it is located. Measurement parameters are: PM 10, PM 2.5, VOCs; temperature and humidity. Visually communicated through appropriate colour signals on the device (red – alert,green – standard). Cloud solution
accessible through your smartphone’s and website. Community – social platform – mesh network of devices that shares data with registered users. Easily checks SMOG pollution levels in any part of the city, including indoor & and outdoor data based on mesh network devices. Analysis of data, providing social and health ‘be
aware’ recommendations to the community.

EcoLife – Healthy Breathing – the world’s first social platform for measuring local air quality, both inside and outside buildings with recommendations to take appropriate actions. System to measure – SMOG pollution – PM 10, PM 2.5 – as well as other parameters: VOC