Immotor GO intelligent micro-electric with three rounds of design, no help to run at zero speed.
Bright LED headlamps and pedal taillights make riding more stylish and safer. Immotor GO has
three modes of design, folding completely put away, help, open the ride. Folding away can
stand on their own, portable rod allows you to take it easy access to a variety of indoor and
outdoor occasions. After folding the area is very small. Can be placed anywhere in the home.
Travel time can also be easily placed in the car trunk. Anti-theft alarm, electronic fence, original
ID authentication and authorized by the car and other rich intelligent applications.

Immotor GO智能微电动采用三轮设计,不用助跑即可零速启动。明亮的LED大灯和踏板尾灯,让骑行更时尚,更安全。Immotor GO有3种模式设计,折叠完全收起,助力推行,打开骑行。折叠收起可自行站立,便携拉杆可让你带它轻松出入各种室内外场合。折叠后占地面积非常小。可放置在家里任何地方。旅游时候也可轻松放入车后备箱。防盗报警,电子围栏,独创的ID认证和授权借车等丰富智能应用。