Scenes Lifelike VR Recording Earphone 場景逼真VR录音耳机


Lifelike VR recording earphone is the most convenient in-ear device with 3D sound. It’s a surprising binaural recording product, which uses your real head, instead of a dummy head, for IMMERSIVE video.

Lifelike VR earphone comes with VR Digital Box, which has MFi certified built-in best-in-class high fidelity processor. Use Lightning port to your iPhone, put on it, open video app, and then you will have a REALISTIC, IMMERSIVE video. After sharing, use any headphones to re-listen, audiences will feel like they are THERE.

Binaural recording is about stimulating REAL environment sound as a human hears it, so Lifelike is adapted to this theory in on-the-go scenario. Customized “shark gill” earbuds are perfectly airtight, which helps Lifelike VR earphone capture spatial audio, even slight changes. VR Digital Box has up to maximum 44.1kHz/16bit output decoding, that records integrated immersive audio/video, and is used for multiple production usage.

中。定制的“鲨鱼鳃”耳塞是非常气密的,这有助于Lifelike VR耳机捕获空间音频,甚至轻微的变
化。 VR数字盒最高可达44.1kHz / 16bit输出解码,可记录集成的沉浸式音频/视频,并可用于多