iGlass AR


“iGlass AR, the First AR Theater in the United States, and the First Mobile Phone Tethered AR Theater in the World”

Typical User Cases
YouTube Viewer
Sports Live Streaming
Private Entertainment at Home
Mobile Theater on Airplane, Train, Bus and passenger seats of Car

Key Features
Affordable: $299
Small: palm-sized, foldable
Mobile: tethered to your phone, no PC needed
Feather-Light: 170-gram only, can wear all day long
Huge Screen: 120-inch private screen, projects to your eye
Privacy: you are the only person able to see the huge 120-inch screen
Sociable: you can directly see the environment, eye contact with others
2D / 3D Dual Modes: support both 2D and 3D SBS content
Content: directly watch YouTube content in 2D or 3D format, online stream ready

Experience Advantages
accurate color
completely Motion-sickness free
the image is super sharp and clear
can wear your normal glasses
watching mobile while charging phone