igloohome Smart Mortise


The igloohome smart Mortise lock provides the convenience of keyless access with the comfort of security.

The smart lock can be managed via PIN codes or Bluetooth keys, even offline, allowing for property management anywhere in the world at any time. Further, it can be accessed by keycards, key tags, or a physical key for flexibility.

Start and end times for PIN codes and Bluetooth keys can be customized via the igloohome app, securing the property after each use. Access logs are also provided so that users can track date and time of visitor access.

Other key features include a fire sensor, security lockout mode, low battery warning, anti-panic exit system, electrostatic discharge prevention, tamper alarm, emergency power supply, volume adjustment, and sensor re-lock.

Airbnb hosts can also integrate their calendars with the Mortise for automatic generation of PIN codes for guests.


智能鎖可通過PIN代碼或藍牙按鍵進行管理,即使離線,也可隨時在全球任何地方進行物業管理。 此外,它可以通過鑰匙卡,鑰匙標籤或物理鑰匙進行訪問以獲得靈活性。

PIN代碼和藍牙密鑰的開始和結束時間可以通過igloohome應用程序進行自定義,每次使用後都會保護該財產。 還提供訪問日誌,以便用戶可以跟踪訪問者訪問的日期和時間。