SoundMaster E1 Headphones


Lightning connector for iOS, cutting edge noise-cancelling technology. Introducing Soundmaster E1, your everyday premium acoustic experience with great ease. E1 earbuds have no battery and require no charging. E1 consumes little device battery, you can just kick back and not worry about battery levels.

With the powerful active noise-cancelling technology, E1 blocks out ambient background noises and gives you a listening experience free of distractions.
The crowd, construction, traffic and other city noises are disturbing when you want to be heard. The ENC function filters out external noise and passes it to the other person on the phone clearly.

Powered by the premium Yamaha DSP chipset, E1 is designed to offer a true high fidelity experience for iPhone and iPad users.
E1’s Karaoke Enhancement feature suppresses the noise which causes howling, uses dynamic notch filters to improve voice quality, and enabling special reverberation effects to offer an excellent singing experience.


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