Wan nuclear living room machine V


Founded in April 2014, Beijing Zhikuo Computer Co., Ltd. is a technological innovation company specializing in the development of smart hardware and software. It is dedicated to the development of the Android Big Screen ecosystem and the design and development of Wanqi Card Computers. And provide total solutions for different needs. Its headquarters is located in Beijing and is responsible for product design, R&D, operation, marketing and business cooperation. The production management team is located in Shenzhen.

The main products of Zhikuwannuo–Intelligent Wancore One-Chip Machine is a hardware core with an intellectual property card computer, relying on independent research and development WAHE OS polymorphic operating system, will use three kinds of terminal products commonly used on TV ( set-top boxes, game consoles, HTPC) integrated into one, while the use of nuclear Wan, Wanlian, million-controlled technology, external monitor, you can easily achieve strong interaction in the field of office, entertainment, life and so on. At present, the products that have been put into the market include Wannian Business Machine, Wancore Playmaster, Wannian Living Room and Wannuo Projection Touch. With the growth of mobile Internet trends, and the rise and the public demand for stronger and more interactive equipment, intellectual cool Wan core will adhere to a wide range of product design, constantly enrich the product line, providing customers with more equipment choices.

北京智酷计算机有限公司(智酷万核)成立于2014 年4 月,是一家专注于智能硬件以及软件开发的科技创新型公司,致力于安卓大屏生态系统开发及万核卡片电脑设计研发,并为不同需求提供整体解决方案。其总部位于北京,负责产品设计、研发、运营、市场营销及商务合作,生产管理团队位于深圳。

智酷万核的主要系列产品–智酷万核一体机以具有知识产权的万核卡片电脑为硬件核心,依托自主研发的WAHE OS多态操作系统,将电视端常用的3种终端产品(机顶盒、游戏机、HTPC)整合到一体,同时利用万核、万联、万控等技术,外接显示器即可轻松实现办公、娱乐、生活等领域的强交互。目前,投入市场的产品已包括万核商用一体机、万核玩霸一体机、万核客厅一体机以及万核投影触控仪。随着移动互联趋势的上升以及和大众对多设备强交互需求的增长,智酷万核将坚持多元化的产品设计理念,不断丰富产品线路,为客户提供更多的设备选择。